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ATDI Training Services

ATDI offers both general and specialized training for radio technologies based on the needs of its clients. Whether for the utilization of ATDI software or for courses in more general radio knowledge, do not hesitate to contact us to define and tailor a course with the appropriate content that will match your expectations.

General radio courses are focused on basic principles such as radio wave propagation, diffraction, sub-path attenuation, and terrain effects. Advanced courses are tailored to a customer’s specific needs and vary based on the projects that customers are working on. Examples of past customer-defined topics include: HF skywave analysis, microwave backhaul design, network interference considerations, DVB-T coverage creation, and LTE deployment.

Both general and advanced level courses are instructed with the assistance of ATDI software so that trainees can easily visualize the concepts taught in the course. Basic and advanced level courses based solely on use of ATDI software are also available and popular with ATDI customers.

Training courses generally last from one to three days but may take up to one week to cover advanced topics. Depending on availability, topic, and other factors courses are taught at 3 convenient locations:

  • On site: Our knowledge staff travels to your office to conduct the training.
  • Online: Receive training anywhere in the world using GoToMeeting™ web meeting technology.
  • Our Office: Visit our office in McLean, VA.

For more details please contact